AUI Sortable Tables

Issue KeyIssue NamePeople watchingPriorityDescription
KAR-1123Cannot sort tables2MinorTable sorting should be allowed
KAR-87Issue Page doesn't load in IE0TrivialWhen loading issue page on IE it doesn't show
KAR-1133Program crashes on opening3MajorWhen opening JIRA it crashses
KAR-4Vending Machine is empty9001BlockerNO SOFT DRINK!
BAT-4Computer is dead1MajorWork computer is not turning on
BAT-11Workers are being too loud10MajorThe people around me are too loud
BATA-8Lift door sometimes doesn't open16MinorWhen trying to enter the lift, the doors do not open
BATA-14Coffee machine is needed501CriticalCoffee is needed
NameUnsortable stuff
IDID * 2